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A pristine white traditional porcelain, excellent translucency at higher temperatures, beautifully white in reduction atmospheres. Excellent for throwing of domestic ware. 

A body dedicated to Geoffrey Walker: Born 4th March 1917 i.e 4/3/17 
He was the original founder of Walker Ceramics in 1953 and the 3rd Generation of the Walker Family in Ceramics which started in 1885 

Pack approx 10kg. Sample approx 500gm 

Sample sales will ALL be donated to Charity

Firing range: 1220-1300°C
Mesh size: Ball milled 
Texture: Extremely smooth 
% Shrinkage wet to dry: 3.3 
% Shrinkage dry to fired: 9.9@1280°C
Fired colour (oxidation): White
Fired colour (reduction): White

Imperial Porcelain 4317 ~10kg

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