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Mason Stain 6320 Delft < click to view/download safety sheet







Sanitary ware

Maximum firing limit is 2300 degrees F (1260 degrees C)

Cobalt Tin Alumina Blue Spinel, an inorganic pigment, is the reaction product of high temperature calcination in which Aluminum (III) Oxide, Cobalt (II) Oxide, and Tin (IV) Oxide in varying amounts are homogeneously and ionically interdiffused to form a crystalline matrix of spinel.


Its composition may include either one or both of the modifiers SiO2, or ZnO.Can be used to color clay bodies, slips, or glazes. They can be mixed with water or with frits and brushed onto pottery forms, either over or under a glaze.


Mason stains react differently under different circumstances. Some of the variables that can alter your results include the chemical composition of the clay body and glaze that you use, the firing temperatures, the kiln atmosphere and the concentration of stain that you use. You will need to experiment a bit with your particular applications.


**Note: Can be used as body stain in porcelain slip at high temperatures.


Stain may be used with or without Zinc.





MS6320 Delft Blue - from 100g

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