These round spring loaded fibre tip markers offer an innovative way to decorate china, ceramic, porcelain and other slick surfaces. Perfect for writing, drawing, outlining and highlighting, they can be used alone or in conjunction with Porcelaine 150 paints. Either way, the stunning results are sure to please. Once baked, the creation is permanent, microwave and dishwasher safe and solvent resistant.

Fine (0.7mm) & Bullet Tip (1.2mm) points.

Porcelaine 150 Markers: 9 Colours

  • Porcelaine 150 can be applied to all heat-stable bases that are able to withstand a temperature of 300°F, such as porcelain, china, glazed earthenware, terracotta, metal, enameled sheet steel, copper and glass.

    The choice of base enables numerous effects to be produced and experiments to be made with the transparency and intensity of the colors. Porcelaine 150 makes professional enameling available to all, with a new generation of 46 colors, glazed by simply baking at 300°F in any domestic oven. Porcelaine 150 comes in bottle, tube and marker, which can be mixed together, deep and glossy, transparent or opaque, with a superb enameled appearance after baking.


    • Recommended for drawing lines and writing.


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