PCL  - Paper Clay


Stoneware paper clay bearing grog 0-0.2 mm. Designed for artistic ceramics, it is unique for modelling, thanks to its exceptional plasticity.  It is specially suitable for making impossible shapes with difficult drying.  The presence of paper fibres inside avoid formation of cracks and problems of deformations, and leads PCL clay to a surprising artistic means of expression. Odourless.


Colour - Buff


Firing range: 1100-1260°C

Bisque temperature: 1000 C

Water content: 24%



Drying shrinkage: 7.2%

Firing shrinkage (1200 °C): 6.0 %

Porosity (water absorption at 1200°C): 4.2 %

Dry bending strength: 5.2 N/mm2

Fired bending strength (1200 C): 39.5 N/mm2

Thermal coefficient (25-500°C):53.7x10-7 CA-1


Primo Pro - PCL - Paper Clay 12.5kg