We thought we'd try providing a few refreshments and treats in the shop since we have customers travelling  1 -2hrs to visit the store, it might be nice if they can grab a drink and snack and loo stop too 

(being optimistic here and assuming we'll all return to travelling at some point).

They are also available to online shoppers of course! 

Home delivered refreshments to enjoy with your order especially as we all get through this Covid19 situation.

Organic Juice

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MOST Organic juice was launched in August last year, delighting kiwis with its great tasting range of flavours and organic juiciness.

BioGro, New Zealand’s leading organic certifier, has given MOST its seal of approval.










                            “With the growing                                       demand for organic                               products here and abroad,                        it’s great to see another tasty                fruit juice enter the mix, especially      one that is truly organic and uses local produce where possible,” says Dr Michelle Glogau, CEO of BioGro New Zealand.

In a recent Black Box sampling survey, two of the flavours from the range (Apple & Peach, and Apple Orange & Mango), received a gold medal recommendation. With 90% of respondents stating they would recommend it to others this product has made a great name for itself.

We employ frequent hand washing and Detol surface wiping 


by human hand

Your drinks or treats will be picked up from the sealed fridge using a tissue and placed directly into a plastic bag