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Warren Fransham,

 originally pronounced 'du-Fransham (which was not his fault)  is a long time potter, art and 4th Dan Aikido teacher.  He has worked in theatre and props making.


Against all expectations he equipped himself with teaching degrees specialising in Art, Education & English and to atone for this he did time teaching as H.O.D Art after several years full-time potting in the good old 70's.  He built a 50ft yacht and has left a trail of converted buldings all over NZ.

Kate Fransham,
once worked as a display artist, a milliner, had a few solo art exhibitions, helped Warren have 4 children, build a 50ft yacht, run a pottery shop in the 80's, helped convert commercial
buildings all over NZ.



She taught dance for 20 something years with her own dance schools -sewed costumes, 

painted paintings, wrote a book. She sculpts, paints and makes far too many useless objects.



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