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Wellington pottERS SUPPLIES

     UPDATE FEB 2024

Warren & Kate would like to thank all their customers and friends for all the help and support! 


In case you hadn't noticed, we've been keeping the physical shop closed through all this Covid fun and it will remain closed for a bit longer.   Warren is now undergoing chemo and radiation for brain tumour regrowth and we want to minimise risks to any sort of infection.  

Click and collect is going beautifully in addition to nationwide courier deliveries.  We would like everyone to know that you're very welcome to collect ANY time it suits, simply make an approximate time and day and roll up to your locker! 



Please EMAIL orders or questions rather than phone from now on, or send a message through the website.  This is very helpful for keeping track in processing your requests.



Thank you again for your custom and support!  Onwards and upwards...  once more into the breach!


Warren & Kate

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