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Claybright Liquid underglaze -  HOW TO USE  (view or download more info)

Ceramic decorating paint.


Claybright may be covered with a clear glaze or left unglazed.


Unglazed paint can develop a range of surface characters depending on the clay body, the colouring pigment used and the firing temperature.  Surface effects from matte through satin to glossy can be achieved with practice.  Remember, these may vary from colour to colour on the same piece.


If Claybright is applied to bisque, no hardening fire is required or recommended.  Simply allow the paint to dry thoroughly (eg overnight) and glaze with your favourite clear glaze.


If Claybright is applied directly to raw clay the bisque firing should be no higher than 900C to prevent loss of porosity of the painted surface.


Claybright Underglaze will give a range of effects and intensities depending on application thickness. Thinner applications (eg from a single stroke/layer) will give translucent ‘watercolour-like’ effects. Thicker applications from say 3 coats or more will produce bold solid colour.  You will soon become accustomed to how much underglaze to apply for the effects that you wish to achieve.


Claybright Underglaze paints are thixotropic and when agitated with a brush, stirred or shaken they change from their gel state to a fluid and easily brushed liquid.


Colours should be tested prior to use.


Claybright Underglazes may be used at temperatures between 1000C and 1280C.


They are non-toxic and food-safe.

AQUAMARINE - Claybright Underglaze

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