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A beautiful bright orange-yellow which shouts joy and happiness.

CMYK : 0  28  100  0




Kiwi Underglaze is a full palette of 50 vibrant, fluxed colours based upon Mac’s Mud’s powdered ceramic stains. It is suitable for applying directly onto greenware or bisqueware. They perform well at both earthenware and stoneware temperatures.


The usual underglaze technique is to apply the colour onto greenware and then bisquefire at 1000oC prior to an application of clear glaze. If applying directly onto bisqueware however, a second optional firing at 1000oC will "harden on" the colour prior to glazing. After firing, the colour intensifies and becomes glossy. When left unglazed and fired to around 1000oC or more, the colours assume a velvet matte appearance. This is a good surface for sculptural forms and as a decorating effect where glazing is not essential. 


Colour should be applied as thinly as possible, in layers, to achieve the desired effect. If water has been lost a little more may be added but be careful not to dilute colour power. Application gives a translucent effect with 1 coat, semi opaque with 2 coats and opaque with 3 coats. Colour is brightest when clear glazed and fired to 1180oC, but full glaze firing range is 1000 to 1250oC.

Safety: Toxic material or hazardous as airborne dust, and/or as powder and/or in liquid suspension. Work will be foodsafe after glazing and firing.

AMBER YELLOW - Kiwi Underglaze

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