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PRIMO PRO  Black Stoneware CLAY - Nigra 2002, European Blend


Nigra 2002 Black Stoneware is a stoneware body suitable for plastic forming methods. 



Firing Colour - Black


Firing range: 1000-1240°C

Shrinkage wet to dry: 6,8%
Shrinkage dry to fired: 7,0%



This popular black clay body is fine-textured with 20% of fine (0-0.2mm) added grog.  Excellent for small and medium-sized thrown items and slab building.

Maximum recommended firing temperature is 1240C.

Fired colour at 1240 is liquorice/black .

Test this body carefully for compatibility with your glazes.  Be aware that glazing on one side of your work only can sometimes result in thermal shock failure.


Total shrinkage: at 1200C 13%. At 1260C 14%

Water absorption at 1200C 2.5%. At 1240C 0.1%


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Clay Bodies Attaching Large Sculpting SlabworkThrowing 
Nigra Black StonewareYes  Yes Yes 


Quite rightly, concerns exist around the safety of black clays in the studio and on functional ware.

It is true that historically, some black bodies have been coloured with Manganese Oxide which is a toxin. 


NIGRA 2002 sold under the Primo-Pro label is manufactured by a reputable European supplier and widely sold throughout Europe. We have our supplier’s absolute assurance that this body (pigmented with manufactured stains) is safe to use.

Primo-Pro Black Stoneware - 10kg

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