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HANJIKI - Half Porcelain


A low-grade or half-porcelain made of a cleaned, white clay that contains toseki (porcelain stone), whitening, and feldspar.  Hanjiki is fired at the lower end of porcelain temperatures (1150–1250ºC) and is described as "midway between porcelain and stoneware in appearance".  



Firing Colour - White


Firing range: 1150-1250°C

Words from Jenny Turnbull (Jennifer Turnbull @jailhousepottery)

"Hanjiki is a beautiful clay to throw with, pulls well for handles and responds extremely well with glazes. Semi porcelaneous. Glazes have a lustre and high gloss finish. Really lovely results.

I fire it to ^10 reduction.   Strong clay, no warpage.   Consistent results."

Primo Pro - Hanjiki Half Porcelain - 10kg

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