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    The Rotary Sieve has a tapered, plastic body which fits firmly on any round container. Handle extension allows it to rest on extra large containers.

    Push-in screens with moulded rubber rims are interchangeable. Stainless steel screens available in the following meshes: 40#, 60#, 80#, 100#, 120#, 150# and 200# .

    Either wet or dry materials can be sieved quickly. For example, dry ash can be put through a screen as fine as 100 mesh.

    The brush-cluster is rotated against the screen by turning the handle and the pressure required is regulated simply by pressing on the handle as it is turned.

    Brushes are held in a moulded plastic centre-piece sufficiently tightly to ensure that they maintain contact with the screen even if this distorts with use.

    Brushes have nylon bristles set in a plastic back; they won't absorb colour and are easily washed. They are long-lasting, yet easily replaced.

    After use, the screen can be removed and the brush-cluster pushed through the bottom of the sieve for easy washing.

    The handle is easily removed for easier transport, or if several brush-heads are needed for different purposes - eg, for wet or dry uses.

    The handle runs in a graphite-impregnated nylon bearing well clear of the abrasive materials being used.

    When dismantled, the sieve can be sent by courier. It comes with clear instructions for assembling.


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